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ISO 9001 and ISO 14001:

FEDCO has adopted the ISO 9001 standard to define and develop our Quality Management System (QMS.) The QMS allows FEDCO to better serve our customers' needs through continuous improvement of the quality, delivery, and efficiency of our products.

  • FEDCO achieved ISO 9001 registration in August 2015.

FEDCO has adopted the ISO 14001 standard to define and develop our Environmental Management System (EMS) to better protect our environment.

  • FEDCO achieved ISO 14001 registration in August 2015.
ISO Certification

CE Stamp:

CE marking confirms that specific products are in compliance with European Union requirements. This allows FEDCO's product lines to be sold throughout the European Economic Area. Most FEDCO products can be provided with the CE mark.

CE Stamp

Compliant Test Systems:

Performance of FEDCO pumps and energy recovery devices is measured on a test system verified by NSF® to be in accordance to the Hydraulic Institute's standards for centrifugal pump testing.

Compliant Test Systems