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A Comparison of Energy Recovery Devices: Hydraulic Pressure Booster and the Pelton Impulse Turbine

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There are many benefits of replacing a Pelton Impulse Turbine with a Hydraulic Pressure Booster or HPB. Energy savings realized in the range of 6-20%. Total costs of HPB are typically 50% less than the cost of the Pelton Impulse Turbine. The HPB is much more compact and lower weight resulting in easier installation and maintenance.

This paper compares the cost factors of the Hydraulic Pressure Booster (HPB) energy recovery device manufactured by Fluid Equipment Development Company (FEDCO) with the Pelton Impulse Turbine (PIT) in seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) applications.

Comparison of Energy Recovery Devices
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Executive Summary

  • Energy savings from 6% to 20%;
  • Total cost typically 50% less than the cost of the PIT system;
  • Much more compact and lower weight, easier to install;
  • More reliable and easier to maintain.

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