HP-HEMI Turbocharger

The HEMI is a motor assisted HPB.
The HEMI provides control of feed and brine flows in SWRO while the primary feed pump runs at constant speed and pressure.

What the HEMI does:
  • Provides exceptional energy recovery efficiency
  • Eliminates the VFD on the High-Pressure Pump
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics analysis optimizes every HP-HEMI for peak efficiency at your duty point conditions
  • Industry-leading three (3) year limited warranty
  • Super Duplex SS 2507 standard MOC
  • Complete ERD package – user provides just standard control signals, power, and process piping
Why the HEMI?
  • Lowest CAPEX of any ERD
  • Lowest Specific Energy Consumption
    Highest Reliability
    No compromises on membrane operating
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