Equipment Upgrades and Replacement

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Does your RO system need an Equipment Upgrade or Replacement due to Energy Loss or High Maintenance Costs?

FEDCO will work with you to identify the best solution for an equipment upgrade and replacement for your RO system.  Join the growing number of OEMs and system operators who are upgrading to FEDCO feed pumps and turbocharger energy recovery devices for the best Life Cycle Costs (LCC).  Upgrading to a FEDCO feed pump will prove reliable, efficient, and maintenance free operational costs.  We can replace any ERD including outdated turbochargers, isobaric chambers, and Pelton turbines with the most efficient, reliable and smallest footprint turbocharger ERD in the business.  Our sales and field service team can provide unmatched service and support for a rapid switch to optimal performance with FEDCO equipment.

High-pressure pump with Isobaric Chamber for upgrade.  The previous unit failed to achieve pressures and flow, suffered severe vibration, and poor efficiency.  After months of frustration, the customer needed something better.


FEDCO replaced customer installation with the MSS model high-pressure pump and HPB model turbocharger for seawater RO service.  FEDCO equipment has provided flawless performance while meeting or exceeding all specifications.