FEDCO Product Applications

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Custom-built packages for industry-leading performance in every application.

Industrial ApplicationsIndustrial Applications

  • Simplicity of operation is key to reliability.
  • FEDCO units require no additional instrumentation or valves. Expect trouble-free integration with your existing infrastructure.
  • HPB units can be overhauled in as little as 15 minutes with nothing more than a single wrench.
  • Changes in system conditions (such as flows and pressures) are easily accommodated.


Hotels and Resorts, credit to Sarah_AckermanHotels and Resorts

  • FEDCO pumps run much quieter than reciprocating pumps.
  • FEDCO equipment requires no special training for its operation - employee turnover pose no problems.
  • Pump and HPB bearings are water lubricated, completely eliminating the need to fuss with greases or other industrial lubricants.
  • FEDCO units represent the smallest footprint in the industry.


Containerized and Portable SystemsContainerized and Portable Systems

  • Military usage
  • Ease of operation requires no specialized operator training.
  • Passed rigorous military environmental, shock, and vibration tests.
  • Freedom to use any chemical in your system.
  • Cleaning regimen is not dictated by the HPB unlike a pressure exchanger system.


SSS Boat InstallationMarine and Offshore Applications

  • Extremely compact HPB and pump package size.
  • HPB adjusts to system conditions by itself - just push the system start!
  • Low noise, vibration, and weight.
  • Auxiliary valves, instruments, and pumps are not required with the HPB.


Nuclear Applications, credit to xedos4 (http://www.freedigitalphotos.net/images/view_photog.php?photogid=1539)Power Plant Applications

  • Highest reliability and longest complete ERD warranty.
  • No brine / feed mixing for lowest TDS permeate.
  • Operating in conventional and nuclear power facilities.
  • Available in duplex and super duplex SS.



Mega Scale ApplicationsMega-Scale

  • Record-breaking turbocharger efficiency
  • Lowest CAPEX of any ERD.
  • Longest standard warranty.
  • Lowest Life Cycle Cost (LCC.)
  • Used in SWRO plants exceeding 200,000 m3/d.