FEDCO Triples Market Share in 3 Years

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February 17th, 2012

The past three years have witnessed a dramatic shift in the global market shares of the leading energy recovery device (ERD) suppliers. Until recently, the ERD market was dominated by isobaric chambers. However, recent market data reveals that FEDCO turbochargers have experienced dramatic growth in market share - a stark contrast to the shrinking market shares of the former market leaders. As shown in the chart below, while the booked capacity of the ERD market as a whole was undergoing sharp decline, FEDCO sustained 30+% annual growth.

The SWRO market has discovered that FEDCO's HPB turbochargers not only provide the lowest capital costs, but the lowest maintenance costs as well. HPBs boast transfer efficiencies up to 82% with the simplest installation procedures and easiest operation in the entire ERD market. Though isobaric chambers report a higher component efficiency, they require high inlet pressure booster pumps, complex auxiliary equipment, extensive manifolds, special instrumentation, and added PLC functionality, all while creating brine / feed mixing that erodes net ERD efficiency.

The result? Isobaric chambers often have overall energy consumption no better than the FEDCO HPB, but at several times the cost and complexity.

FEDCO entered the mega project market in 2009 when chosen to supply sixteen HPB-1400 ERD units for the Jeddah III 240,000 m3/day SWRO facility. Jeddah III's HPB-1400s were the world's first turbochargers to surpass the 80% transfer efficiency barrier - a feat industry experts previously felt was impossible.

In 2010, FEDCO was awarded the contract to supply seventeen ERDs for the 360,000 m3/day Ras Al Khair SWRO project in Saudi Arabia. These HPB-2800 units leverage ongoing FEDCO R&D breakthroughs, raising the transfer efficiencies to over 82%. In addition, industry experts estimate that the Ras Al Khair project saved approximately 30 million USD in capital costs by selecting the FEDCO HPB-2800s over isobaric chambers.


Growing dominance in the SWRO ERD market is just one area of FEDCO's increasing success; FEDCO has a strong presence in the brackish RO equipment market as well. Our success is driven by the popularity of the MSS, MSD, and SSD high-pressure pumps, the versatility of the MSB low-pressure pumps and ERDs, brine-to-electricity LPD units, and the LP-HEMI product lines, which boast the broadest hydraulic ranges of any ERD system in the world.

Contact FEDCO and allow our team to assist you in saving time and money on your next project, or learn more about our HP turbochargers and pumps here.