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FEDCO provides reliable and FAST delivery of High Pressure Pumps and Turbocharger Energy Recovery Devices

  • System builders and OEM’s can’t afford to wait weeks and months beyond promised deliveries for HP pumps and turbochargers. Various SWRO OEM communications seeking turbochargers from FEDCO due to failure of another supplier to deliver units within an agreed time.
  • We ship standard HP pumps and ERD packages in as little as four (4) weeks to meet the most demanding delivery requirements.


The Secret of our Success is no secret at all…

  • Other suppliers have slashed personnel, uprooted manufacturing operations and closed customer support offices."Energy Recovery Inc. consolidates North American Operations", ERI Press Release dated July 31, 2011
  • FEDCO continues to invest in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, expand its manufacturing and engineering.
  • FEDCO continues R&D innovations to ensure our role as the leading supplier of the highest performing, most dependable equipment available.










Mega-system test loop Short lead-time, fast shipment

FEDCO Brings World Class Service to you

  • FEDCO headquarters in the USA or the Dubai, UAE and the Singapore Sales and Service Centers staffed by senior specialists in field service and RO system operations.
  • Delivery schedules tailored to meet your needs:
    • If a system is down FEDCO will prioritize manufacturing and shipping,
    • Spare parts including rotors ship in as little as one (1) week.

View FEDCO Field Service Offices in a larger map

The Most Efficient Turbochargers Ever…

  • Ask system builders or end-users who have used turbochargers from other suppliers and FEDCO for real-world comparisons.
  • Certified test results confirm that FEDCO turbochargers are up to 10% more efficient.
    FEDCO HPB peak efficiency = 66.5% with brine pressure and low within 2% of design value, while ERI/PEI HALO peak efficiency = 62.5% with brine pressure and flow 10% discrepant with design condition. Efficiency test evaluated on FEDCO model HPB-60 with 60 m3/hr (256 gpm) nominal rating, vs. ERI/PEI model HALO 225 with 51 m3/hr (250 gpm) nominal rating. Tests were performed on FEDCO test loop with calibrated instrumentation and data, which conform to the Hydraulic Institute test standards.
  • FEDCO meets its guaranteed performance and our proud record has never been called in question or challenged.
  • FEDCO is the foremost leader in turbocharger efficiency and the only company providing units with 80+% transfer efficiency.
  • Our engineering and manufacturing teams have the most experience and most advanced test equipment for continuous efficiency improvements.

80+% transfer efficiency Upgrade 15% more efficient than competitor model Mega-system test loop One-piece rotor with RotoFlo™ design

Upgrade Your High Pressure Pump or ERD

  • Join the growing number of OEMs and system operators who are replacing their pumps and turbochargers from other suppliers with FEDCO equipment.
  • We can replace any ERD including turbochargers, isobaric chambers, and Pelton turbines with the most efficient, reliable and best serviced turbochargers in the business. 
  • Just tell us what you have and we will provide a replacement unit with better efficiency and more reliable operation.
High pressure pump with Isobaric Chamber for upgrade. The previous unit failed to achieve pressures and flow, suffered severe vibration, and poor efficiency. After months of frustration, the customer needed something better. FEDCO replaced customer installation with the MSS model high-pressure pump and HPB model turbocharger for seawater RO service.  FEDCO equipment has provided flawless performance while meeting or exceeding all specifications.