HP-HEMI Slashes 10% Off Capital Cost

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February 24th, 2012

Mega scale SWRO has promised significant cost reductions in capital and operation expenses, yet the results are often disappointing. Complex control systems, noisy ERDs, and poor off-duty performance have thwarted the best attempts towards cost reduction.

The FEDCO HP-HEMI is a game-changer in mega scale RO systems. The HP-HEMI combines FEDCO’s world-class turbocharger technology with an electric motor and VFD that automatically adjust feed pressure to meet the demands of seasonal and fouling-induced feed pressure variations. As the graph illustrates, when the pressure requirement is low, the turbo operates with the brine stream energy alone.  As pressure needs increase, the coupled motor and low-voltage VFD use only the amount of energy needed to meet system requirements, thus producing permeate at lower cost.  The result? The HP-HEMI can slash CAPEX by over $30,000,000 on mega scale projects compared to other energy recovery systems.

Furthermore, the HEMI’s zero brine-to-feed leakage ensures the lowest possible permeate TDS and the longest membrane life. In contrast, isobaric chambers inject brine into the feed stream, resulting in degraded membrane performance, higher permeate TDS, higher fouling potential, and reduced membrane life.

With unit capacities up to 3,200 m3/hr, every mega project can saves tens of millions of dollars in capital expense with the HP-HEMI; with world-leading hydraulic efficiency and SECs, the HEMI has become the future of mega scale RO.

Please contact FEDCO sales for more details or click here to read about the HP-HEMI.