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The HPBTM turbocharger / HEMITM manufactured by Fluid Equipment Development Company (FEDCO) is compared with the Pressure Exchanger (PXTM) manufactured by Energy Recovery, Inc (ERI.)

This Document Contains:

  • Methodology of Comparison
  • Equipment Evaluated
  • HPBTM Principles of Operation, Construction, Installation, and Overhaul
  • Feed Pressure Control
  • PXTM Principles of Operation, Rotor Blow-Through, Rotor Failure, and Multiple Unit Reliability
  • PXTM Auxiliary Equipment and Multi-Train Operation
  • Operating Ranges
  • Safety - Equipment and Personal
  • PXTM Effect on HP Pump Performance
  • Economics Analysis, Specific Energy Consumption, Life Cycle Cost, and Capital Costs
  • Toughness
  • Warranty Length and Exceptions
  • Summary of Comparison

All data used in this comparison were obtained from the following sources:

  1. Published data from Fluid Equipment Development Company (FEDCO)
  2. Published data from Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERI) including "Installation, Operation & Maintenance Manuals" for "65 Series Pressure Exchangertm" (ERI Document Number 80019-01-02) referred to as "PX Manual" in this document.
  3. Reasonable engineering estimates

All calculations and data are fully transparent. Details are available from FEDCO upon request.