HPB vs. ERI Turbo

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The HPBTM turbocharger manufactured by Fluid Equipment Development Company (FEDCO) is compared with the HALOTM turbochargers manufactured by Pump Engineering, Inc. (PEI,) recently acquired by Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERI.)

Areas of Comparison Include:

  • Brine Regulation - How each unit handles brine flow control
  • Thrust Bearing Lubrication - Important differences in lubrication design
  • Rotor Construction - One method is much more superior
  • Casing Design - One end cap is better than two
  • Efficiency - A clear winner with outstanding efficiency
  • Safety - One unit has a much safer design than the other
  • Hydraulic Design and Bearing Life - Long bearing life requires a good design
  • Operating Range - Wide flow variations provide operational flexibility
  • Reliability and Warranty - Another clear winner
  • Corrosion Potential - A good design reduces corrosion potential
  • Life Cycle Cost - Which unit produces the least-expensive permeate?
  • Summary - Which unit is better overall?

All data used in this comparison were obtained from the following sources:

  1. Published data from Fluid Equipment Development Company (FEDCO)
  2. Published data from Energy Recovery, Inc. (ERI)
  3. Examination and testing of a recently manufactured HALO-225TM from Pump Engineering, Inc. and an HPB-60TM from FEDCO.