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Brackish Water/Nano HP Feed Pump and Brine Energy Recovery

The FEDCO low pressure (LP) product line uses standardized pump, turbine and motor modules to achieve unprecedented hydraulic flexibility, excellent efficiency and low costs. The Modules can be configured as a pump with a huge flow range (by using up to three (3) pump modules in parallel, a pump with integrated energy recovery or as a pure energy recovery turbine/generator.

Let no energy go to waste in your brackish water RO systems.


  • Rated to 35 barg
  • Flows to 750 m3/h
  • Up to 360 kW


  • 316 SS Construction
  • Vertical or horizontal configuration
  • Vertical or horizontal configuration

Modular design reduces costs and increases application flexibility

  1. Motor
  2. Brine discharge module
  3. Turbine module
  4. Brine flow nozzle control
  5. Thrust bearing, patented design
    – water lubricated
  6. Manifold (If more that one pump module)
    – 316 SS construction, provided by FEDCO
  7. Pump module – up to three (3)
    – depending on flow requirement
  8. All wetted metallic parts are 316 SS or better

LPH with 3 modules in Singapore

LPD in Spain

LPH in Florida, USA

LPH in California, USA