LPD Model Turbine Generator

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Low Pressure Energy Recovery Turbine

Conversion of Brine Hydraulic Energy into Electricity

The LPD turbine generator ERD uses brine hydraulic energy to drive a standard induction motor that acts as a generator to produce electrical energy.  Integrated into the unit is a regenerative VFD that regulates the LPD to achieve brine flow and pressure as required for the desired membrane operating conditions while extracting the maximum amount of electrical energy available from the brine stream. The vertically mount motor eliminates a large baseplate.  The shaft alignment is assured by highly accurate machine fits of the components.


  • BWRO systems
  • Retrofit in existing BWRO
  • Replacement of Pressure Reducing Valve
  • Conduit energy recovery

  1. Regenerative VFD - supplied by FEDCO
  2. Motor - rated for VFD usage, vertical operation, TEFC, NEMA or IEC frame
  3. Mechanical seal housing
  4. Turbine module
  5. Brine nozzle flow control
  6. Baseplate - powder coated or paint option
  7. Thrust bearing - water lubricated
  8. 316 SS or better material of construction
  9. Grooved end pipe joints

LPD System Diagram:

  1. Pretreated feed water
  2. Low pressure brine
  3. Regen VFD
  4. Permeate
  5. Brine to drain