LPH Model Energy Recovery Turbocharger

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  • Brackish water RO brine energy recovery
  • Pressures up to 35 bar
  • Feed flow up to 750 m3/h (3300 gpm)
  • Brine flow up to 300 m3/h (1320 gpm)
  1. TEFC motor, rated for vertical operation and with a VFD
  2. Variable brine nozzle for flow and pressure control
  3. 316 SS or better material of construction
  4. In-line connections for easy installation
  5. Integrated water-lubricated bearing absorbs all rotor thrust
  6. Base plate – powder-coated or painted
  7. Victaulic type pipe joints
  8. Turbine nozzle ring and impeller custom-manufactured
  9. Rotatable turbine section for piping flexibility

The LPH is revolutionizing pumping and energy recovery in brackish water reverse osmosis (BWRO). The rapid acceptance is driven by simple economics – an ERD is only worth using if the cost of saved energy can offset the capital and installation cost of the ERD (a quick return on investment or ROI).

The unique modular construction of the FEDCO LP product line allows a few components to be configured in dozens of ways to achieve the performance requirements of a wide range of BWRO systems without high capital and installation costs. Maintenance costs are likewise reduced as a maintenance spare and procedures are minimized for large installations.

The LPH takes full advantage of the modular concept with two (2) turbine options, five (5) stage options and up to three (3) pump modules per LPH. Moreover, the turbine module is custom-designed and manufactured to match the specified range of turbine brine flow and pressure ranges.

SWRO ERDs have a much easier task of achieving a good return on investment (ROI). Up to 40 times more brine energy is available per m3 of permeate produced than in a BWRO system. Only an ERD with both a low capital costs and good energy recovery efficiency can be considered in a BWRO system.