LPS Model Pump

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BWRO Membrane Supply, Product Transfer, and Booster Pump

With efficiency up to 80%, flows up to 750 m3/h and pressures up to 35 bar, the LPS is the ideal pump for a wide range of BWRO applications. 316 SS construction meet the most demanding corrosive requirements.

The vertical configuration and low weight virtually eliminates foundation requirements. Shaft alignment is assured by highly accurate machine fits of the components.

  1. Motor – rated for VFD usage, vertical operation, TEFC, NEMA or IEC frame
  2. Mechanical seal housing
  3. Pump module – up to three (3) in parallel
  4. Victaulic style pipe joints
  5. Base plate – powder coated steel or painted
  6. Thrust bearing – water lubricated
  7. 316 SS construction