COVID-19 Update: FEDCO is an essential supplier of equipment that is critical to operate and maintain drinking water infrastructure around the world and we will continue to operate to support this critical service. We adhere to all federal and state requirements and guidelines to keep our employees safe while we support the emergency needs of our customers. Visitors are not permitted in our Monroe, MI facility during this crisis. For more information, please click on the button to the right.

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Meet the FEDCO Management Team

Management Team

Eli Okjelas_blue
Founder and President
Eli Oklejas
VP of Finance and HR
Lisa Leachman
Lisa Leachman_blue
Doreen Lay_blue
Human Resources Manager
Doreen Lay
Information Systems Manager
Ken Fox
Ken Fox_blue
Greg Thomas_blue
Plant Operations Manager
Greg Thomas
Quality Control Manager
David Iocoangeli
David Icoangeli_blue