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Efficiency and Reliability

Manufacturing MeetingMaximum equipment efficiency and reliability requires customized hydraulic designs. Our designs bring the best efficiency point of our products in harmony with the customer's duty point. When our proprietary software packages are integrated with computer numerical control (CNC) machines, we achieve delivery times faster than other manufacturers who deliver off-the-shelf units.

The process begins with the conversion of customer flow and pressure data into customized flow geometry, which is used to generate CNC machining programs. These programs are downloaded to the production machines.

The whole process is fully automatic and essentially paperless. Potential for human error is virtually eliminated. The combination of exceptionally high efficiencies with the fastest delivery in the industry provides FEDCO customers a unique opportunity to improve their competitive position.

Quality and accuracy are assured throughout the manufacturing process through the use of calibrated instruments and gauging fixtures. QC data is periodically reviewed and improvements are made throughout the manufacturing process. CNC machines are networked, all files have backups, and all production programs are documented.