FEDCO’s MSMT SWRO in Rancho San Lucas shortlisted as Desalination Plant of the Year

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Vote for Rancho San Lucas for Global Water Award 2020!

We are excited to announce that the Multi Stage Multi Turbocharger (MSMT) seawater reverse osmosis plant in Rancho San Lucas, Mexico has been shortlisted as a Desalination Plant of the Year for the Global Water Awards.

This 360 m3/day facility is small in size but paves the way for large CAPEX and OPEX savings in RO plants of all sizes through 60% SWRO recovery while promoting longer membrane life through a uniform permeate flux rate. The MSMT installation continues to demonstrate outstanding reliability and energy efficiency using standard membranes and other components. Your vote endorses the MSMT installation as a significant technical achievement in our industry.

How can you help us to WIN? We need you to vote by the closing date of March 17, 2020 (9pm GMT).  Votes are cast using a unique URL which is distributed via email to parties subscribed to Global Water Intelligence Magazine, Water Desalination Report or registered delegates of the Global Water Summit 2020.  When you have received an email with your unique voting link (one vote per person), go to Desalination Plant of the Year category to vote for Rancho San Lucas. We look forward to your support!

For more detail on other awards for the Global Water Summit 2020, go online to water meets money.com.  The winners of the Awards will be announced at the Global Water Awards ceremony and Gala Dinner on March 30, 2020 in Madrid, Spain.

Thank you for voting for the Rancho San Lucas Plant!

More about the Rancho San Lucas Plant and FEDCO’s MSMT design online at www.fedco-usa.com.

Rancho San Lucas MSMT with 60% recovery SWRO
Turbochargers as feed and interstage booster on MSMT

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