FEDCO's BiTurbo™
SWRO Package

FEDCO’s patented BiTurbo™ design slashes the cost of permeate by reducing CAPEX and OPEX.

Two stage membrane configurations with pressure boosting between the stages combine with modern and highly efficient turbochargers bring high recovery, long membrane life and low energy consumption. What this means:

CAPEX Savings by reducing the capacity of virtually every component in the RO system by over 30%:
  • Intake/wells
  • Process pipe and valve
  • Civil works – facility size, real estate
  • Pipe size and pump size reduction
Maximize Efficiency & Recovery
  • Recover up to 60% in SWRO
  • Reduce chemical consumption
  • Extend membrane life by better flux balance
  • Savings up to 20% in Total Water Costs (CAPEX & OPEX)
  • Reduction of up to 33% in pretreatment size
  • Application from small to mega-scale projects
Membrane Performance Benefits
  • Reduced fouling potential
  • Highly improved flux balance through the array
  • Reduced lead element and increased tail element flux
  • Better membrane energy efficiency by minimizing excess transmembrane pressure

FEDCO works together with the system builder to fine tune turbocharger performance to cover all duty points.

Whether small containerized systems or a mega-scale project, the BiTrubo™ provides the lowest CAPEX and the lowest cost
of permeate available.

Video courtesy of Water Technologies de Mexico