Multi Stage Multi Turbo (MSMT)

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• Recover up to 60% in SWRO

• Savings up to 20% in Total Water Cost (CAPEX+OPEX)

• Reduction of up to 33% in pretreatment size

• Application from small to Mega-scale projects


Pilot Results Presented at:

Presentation title:

Multi Stage Multi Turbo Configuration for

High Recovery in SWRO: Pilot Test Results

Pilot courtesy Water Technologies de Mexico


High Recovery creates savings:

• Competitive SEC

• Reduced intake costs

• Reduced brine discharge/outfall costs

• Reduced pipe and valve sizes

• Reduction in pretreatment equipment size

• Maintenance parts costs

• Footprint (civil works)

• Lead times - due to smaller size of equipment, piping, footprint

• Chemical consumptions (greener process)

Membrane performance benefits:

• Reduced fouling potential

• Highly improved flux balance between stages

• Reduction of lead flux

• Increase on tail element flux