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FEDCO is a global leader in the manufacture and sales of high-pressure pumps and energy recovery devices.

Customers choose FEDCO for reliable and FAST delivery of high-pressure (HP) pumps and turbochargers. System builders and OEM’s can’t afford to wait weeks and months beyond promised delivery dates. We ship standard HP pumps and ERD packages in as little as four (4) weeks to meet the most demanding delivery requirements.

The secret of our success is no secret at all…

FEDCO continually invests in its state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. We are expanding our manufacturing and engineering teams, while other suppliers have slashed personnel, uprooted manufacturing operations and closed customer support offices. Our research and development innovations ensure our role as the leading supplier of the highest performing, most dependable equipment available.



FEDCO products provide solutions for a diverse array of industries and requirements. Whether your application is a large industrial system, a hotel or resort, a containerized/portable system, or a marine/offshore setup, FEDCO has a system to meet your specific needs.

High-Pressure Products and Low-Pressure Products

FEDCO offers the most complete product lines of any manufacturer for brackish and seawater RO applications. With feed flow coverage from 10 to 1,600 m3/hr, pressures from 7 to 83 bar, and unmatched price and delivery, FEDCO is the solution for your next RO project.


FEDCO products are available in pre-configured packages that are a perfect fit for a variety of applications.


Detailed information on common system equipment configurations.

Product Comparisons

A comparison between FEDCO products and existing industry solutions, deciding the feasibility of an ERD in an RO system.

Quote Request

Use the online interface to request a quote from FEDCO's sales team.



*According to 3rd party industry publication of desalination market.