MSB Series Feed Pump

The MSB series multistage centrifugal low-pressure feed pumps provide a new level of reliability and efficiency in brackish reverse osmosis pumps. The MSB pump  applications include use as a feed pump, product transfer pump, and an inter-stage booster pump.

  • Flows from 45 to 132 m3/h (198 to 580 gpm)
  • Pressures to 35 bar (500 psi)
  • 316 SS components with Duplex SS shaft

Special features of the MSB will prove to be an exceptional efficiency and quality pump. The unique design such as the patented WATER BEARING™ thrust bearing, product-lubricated bearings, and maintenance-free design ensure years of trouble-free operation. The MSB series has 316 SS components with Duplex SS shaft. These pumps are available for fast delivery to meet your immediate needs.


  1. Shaft seal operates at low pressure
  2. Flexible disc coupling
  3. Victaulic pipe joints
  4. 316 SS stages
  5. Precision leveling foot
  6. Integrated motor adapter (anodized aluminum alloy)
  7. Easy shaft alignment
  8. Single shell housing
  9. Inlet rotatable in 90° increments


MSB 90 Spec Sheet
MSB 120 Spec Sheet

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