MSD Series Feed Pumps

The FEDCO MSD Pump line emerged from the need of high efficiency combined with superior materials suitable for long term seawater service.

All investment cast stage components, highly refined flow path and the innovative water bearing technology make the MSD the “go to” pump for the most demanding SWRO applications around the world.


  • 20 – 850 m3/h (88 – 3750 gpm)
  • Pressures to 83 bar (1200 psi)
  • All Super Duplex 2507 construction
  • Up to 87% efficiency
  • Patented Water Bearing Technology – feed water lubricates and cools the integral thrust bearing for long bearing life in the harshest of conditions.
  • All Super Duplex investment cast construction – meets or exceeds corrosion resistance requirements in all SWRO applications.
  • Rotatable inlet connection – horizontal or vertical feed inlet pipe connection.
  • Mechanical Seal Cartridge – easy and fast seal maintenance.
  • Precision leveling feet – easy motor alignment without the need for skilled labor or expensive equipment.

Loaded with unique features such as the patented Water Bearing™ product lubricated bearings, Super Duplex stainless steel construction, and maintenance-free design ensure years of trouble-free operation. No need for several pumps in parallel, the MSD line has a pump feed flow capacity range of 20 to 850 m3/h and efficiencies up to 86%.

MSD Low Flow models: MSD-40, MSD-70, MSD-130 with shelled design with Super Duplex Shell and shaft, Super Duplex stages standard, baseplate optional.

MSD High Flow models: MSD-160, MSD-200, MSD-350, MSD-400, MSD-650 and MSD-800 bolted stage design with Super Duplex shaft and stages standard, Super Duplex material optional, baseplate optional.

Features: High efficiency, fully custom engineered, patented product lubricated Water Bearing™ technology, precision leveling foot, Super Duplex construction, inlet rotation 90°.

Benefits: High Efficiency – Up to 86% Lubrication – fully lubricated by the pumpage only Smooth and quiet operation – well under 80 dBA (not including the motor) High inlet pressure option – up to 82 bar

  1. Shaft seal operates at low pressure
  2. Flexible disc coupling
  3. Bearing drain line (low pressure)
  4. Stage support blocks
  5. Victaulic pipe joints
  6. Baseplate
  7. Flanged construction for easy internal inspection
  8. Inlet rotatable in 90° increments
  9. Easy shaft alignment
  10. Integrated motor adapter (anodized aluminum alloy)
  11. Super Duplex SS 2507

High Inlet Pressure Option

All MSD series pumps can be equipped with a high inlet pressure option to allow inlet pressures to 70 bar. The unique design features standard mechanical seals operating at low pressure (1-2 bar) with total protection of the motor from pump thrust loads.


MSD 40 Spec Sheet
MSD 70 Spec Sheet
MSD 130 Spec Sheet
MSD 160 Spec Sheet
MSD 200 Spec Sheet
MSD 270 Spec Sheet
MSD 350 Spec Sheet
MSD 400 Spec Sheet
MSD 650 Spec Sheet

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