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SLP pumps

High efficiency, single stage, close coupled centrifugal pump in Super Duplex material

Key Specifications
  • 30 to 850 gpm (6.8 to 193 m3/h)
  • Pressures from 35 to 130.5 psi (2.4 to 9 bar)
  • Super Duplex construction
  • Premium Features for long life
  • Single stage, close coupled
  • Multiple impeller trims available
  • No oil or grease lubrication for reduced maintenance
  • NEMA standard JM frame, TEFC motor for easy repair
  • Compact footprint for saving space
  • Centerline discharge for easy piping and self venting design
  • Back wear ring eliminates motor thrust load and extends shaft seal life
SLP Pump Applications:
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Pre-Treatment
  • Backwash
  • Permeate Transfer
  • Booster

The SLP pump series is a low pressure end suction, close-coupled horizontal pump for general water process applications. It was designed with high efficiency and Super Duplex stainless steel construction for reliability and longevity in harsh environments. This pump series features a standard mechanical seal with seal flush to ensure long life, centerline discharge, self-venting design and no oil or grease lubrication for simple installation and maintenance.

The SLP is offered in five ANSI 150lb flanged models with a set of customizable impellers, coupled with a NEMA standard TEFC, JM or JP motor frame mounted on a common baseplate. The compact footprint and robust construction gives the SLP series a superior advantage over similar pumps.

Reverse Osmosis, Pre-treatment, Backwash, Permeate Transfer

1. Impeller  2. Casing Cover  3. Mechanical Seal  4. Wear Ring  5. Wear Ring

SLP 15-5 Data Sheet
SLP 15-5 Spec Sheet
SLP 15-8 Data Sheet
SLP 15-8 Spec Sheet
SLP 30-5 Data Sheet
SLP 30-5 Spec Sheet
SLP 30-8 Data Sheet
SLP 30-8 Spec Sheet
SLP 60-5 Data Sheet
SLP 60-5 Spec Sheet
SLP 60-8 Data Sheet
SLP 60-8 Spec Sheet
SLP 90-5 Data Sheet
SLP 90-5 Spec Sheet
SLP 90-8 Data Sheet
SLP 90-8 Spec Sheet
SLP 160-5 Data Sheet
SLP 160-5 Spec Sheet
SLP 160-8 Data Sheet
SLP 160-8 Spec Sheet

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