Quality Assurance

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FEDCO has implemented a Quality Management System (QMS) per ISO 9001:2007. The QMS system is integrated into FEDCO’s information systems, resulting in near-paperless implementation, reduction of overhead costs, and improvement of document accuracy and accessibility. 

Quality AssuranceEach part manufactured by FEDCO is checked for dimensional accuracy, and all third-party components are checked for specification compliance. Each FEDCO pump or HPB booster is hydrostatic-tested to verify integrity of pressure containment components. Testing complies with the Hydraulic Institute's standards.

Each unit is performance-tested for flow, pressure differential, and absorbed power at the duty point to verify that the design performance has been obtained. Tests conform to applicable Hydraulic Institute and ASME test codes for centrifugal pump testing.

All test data is measured and electronically stored with a computer data acquisition system. FEDCO has developed in-house testing software with complete data acquisition for each test loop within 100hp - 900hp capacities, so all performance data on each and every test is recorded and evaluated. A 3,000 hp variable speed test loop is currently under construction.