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Retrofits – Upgrading Existing SWRO Systems with Modern High Efficiency Pumps and ERDs

Pumps and ERDs are undergoing continuous improvement which is especially true with FEDCO products. Performance considered industry-leading performance even a few years ago can be eclipsed by newer designs and improved manufacturing processes.

FEDCO offers many ways to revitalize old RO systems to achieve performance rivaling new systems.

Retrofits – Upgrading High Pressure Feed Pump

Replace noisy and unreliable Positive Displacement (PD) pumps with smooth and quiet FEDCO MSS pumps. FEDCO pumps eliminate:

Pulsation dampeners
Suction stabilizers
Packing and packing leakage
Oil and grease lubrication

Belts and belt guards
Special motors
Unsightly corrosions

Are you satisfied with your PD pump? Then consider adding a FEDCO HPB as an ERD. The FEDCO unit reduces pump discharge pressure by up to 50% resulting on a large energy savings, reduction in pump bearing, connection and crank loads, reduction in bearing temperatures, improved valve life and quieter operation.

Retrofits – Replacing Old Low Efficiency Turbochargers

Why replace an old inefficient turbocharger with another inefficient turbocharger? FEDCO’s high efficiency HPB turbochargers will save more energy and provide a three year (36 months) warranty. It’s a smart way to save energy and raise plant reliability.

Retrofits – Replace Isobaric Chambers

Isobaric chambers are noted for good efficiency, high complexity, daunting maintenance and brine mixing, FEDCO offers a package that directly replace an existing isobaric chamber without disturbing the existing HP pump or membrane array. With the FEDCO replacement package, you will enjoy improved permeate quality, quieter operation, reduced maintenance and most important – lower cost permeate.