Service & Support

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Spare Parts

FEDCO provides a complete range of spare parts to restore your pump or ERD to service. Find out what information will be required to order spare parts for your system.

Equipment Upgrades

Join the growing number of OEMs and system operators who are upgrading their pumps and turbocharger ERDs from other suppliers with FEDCO equipment as replacements. With the right equipment, it makes sense to upgrade an existing RO system rather than build a new one. FEDCO's feed pumps and energy recovery devices bring new life to RO systems of every size.

Field Service

FEDCO is ready to provide on-site support for our equipment anywhere in the world. Our experienced field service technicians can provide startup assistance for the commissioning of new equipment, training regarding FEDCO products, and troubleshooting for techinical issues.


We can train at your location or at the FEDCO training center.

What are SEC and LCC?

Information on Specific Energy Consumption (SEC) and Life Cycle Cost (LCC.)

Pump Fundamentals

Careful high-pressure pump selection is crucial for long-term successful operation of an RO system. It is particularly important for SWRO, due to the serve duty requirements and corrosive environment. Find out what factors to consider in pump selection and why FEDCO offers the best-performing products in the RO industry.

ERD Basics

Detailed information on Energy Recovery Devices (ERDs) and how they use the recovered hydraulic energy from the brine stream.

Customer Surveys

Surveys to help us better understand our customers' requirements and requests.