Spare Parts

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Inventory In-House

FEDCO maintains a complete inventory of spares for all of its product lines. Even major components, such as rotors for turbochargers, can be dispatched using FEDCO's unique "loaner rotor" program for minimal equipment down time.

Since FEDCO machines its HPB, turbine, and SSD rotors from bar stock, in the event a replacement is needed, there is no long wait for castings to be poured and machined. FEDCO can begin to manufacture from its extensive inventory of bar stock and plate to provide fast supply of any size rotor.

Before Ordering Spare Parts...

  1. Check the O&M manual that was provided with the equipment. Refer to the nameplate on the unit for the model number.
  2. Have the serial number (SN) ready.
    • The SN is found on the nameplate
    • The SN ensures that FEDCO can provide the correct parts
    • If the SN is missing, FEDCO can usually identify the unit based on photos, sales records, or other means.
  3. Email or call FEDCO with the above information. Contact information can be found here.
  4. FEDCO wishes to understandy why spare parts are being ordered. We would like to know the following:
    • Is the unit not operating? Is this an emergency situation.
    • Is the unit performing abnormally?
    • Are parts being ordered to have spare inventory on the shelf?
  5. We will promptly fulfill all spare parts orders and provide technical assistance on how to install the parts, ensuring there will be no future problems.