SSD Pumps

High efficiency feed pump for large and mega reverse osmosis desalination systems

  • Single stage HP feed pumps for SWRO service
  • 250-650 m3/h (1100-2860 gpm)
  • Pressure up to 38 bar (550 psi)
  • Direct drive – 3500 RPM or 2900 RPM nominal speed

The SSD series single stage centrifugal high-pressure pump (HPP) performs just like any heavy-duty SWRO feed pump, but at a higher efficiency and lower capital cost. Featuring expedited delivery, it is ideal for the most demanding project schedule. The SSD series can reach pressures of 82 bar (1200 psi) when when coupled with the HPB or HP-HEMI recovery devices. The direct drive motor can be 50 or 60 Hz two-pole motor with speeds of 2900 – 3500 RPM.

Our mega system SSD feed pump is supplied in Duplex SS 2205 or optional Super Duplex SS 2507. A one-piece shaft is machined from bar stock, and the single-stage design provide a small footprint. The SSD series uses product-lubricated bearings for maintenance-free operation.

  1. Centerline mount
  2. Feed inlet
  3. Feed outlet
  4. Duplex SS 2205 (optional Super Duplex SS 2507)
  5. Pump-lifting eye-bolt
  6. Product lubricated bearings
  7. Coupling guard
  8. 50 or 60 Hz 2-pole motor
  9. Common base plate
  10. Diffuser ring-custom machined
  11. Impeller-custom machined
  12. Seal flush line
  13. Shaft
  14. Shaft seal

Designed Specifically for RO Service

  • DP range up to 44 bar
  • Only available in Duplex SS 2205 or Duplex SS 2507
  • Optimized for typical NPSHa in SWRO systems
  • Every aspect of design and manufacture aimed at maximum possible efficiency
SSD-500 Spec Sheet
2019 Product Catalog

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